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What To Expect When You Take Your Pet to The Vets

So youíve just registered your new pet with a local veterinary surgery, and now you are taking your pet for their first general well-being health check. Here we give you the low down on what to expect when you go to the veterinary practice:

An initial well-being health check gives your veterinary surgeon the chance to evaluate your pet's overall health and to detect problems before they turn into serious illnesses. The vet will conduct a thorough physical examination and will ask you a series of questions about your pet to determine if your pet is healthy or needs further veterinary care.

This routine health check involves a number of aspects, such as blood testing and urine analysis, while other tests may also be conducted if your pet is very young or very old. The vet or a veterinary nurse will also note your petís temperature, pulse, respiration rate, and body weight. In addition, the vet may also check your petís teeth, tongue, gums, and palate for dental and other abnormalities.

As well as doing these tests, your vet will recommend any pet vaccinations that your pet needs, and explain to you how to look after your pet properly at home. The veterinary surgeon will also be able to explain common illnesses associated with your pet and the symptoms you should look out for. In addition to all this, they can advise you on neutering if you have a dog or cat that requires this procedure.

Your vet will also ask you some questions about your petís habits and health history to determine any problems that may arise in the future. If you have just bought the pet then be sure to ask its previous owner about the animalís health history. Some questions you may be asked are: does you pet have trouble getting up in the morning? Does your pet enjoy exercise? Does your pet show signs of weakness?

Finally, do not underestimate the importance of a regular health check for your pet. It may seem a costly practice but taking your pet to the vet on a regular basis (annually) will help your pet to live a longer and healthier life.

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